Monday, October 8, 2012

My FIRST appearance!

This Saturday, I had my first appearance ever as an official member of the Miss Sonoma County court. I was 2nd runner-up in my first local pageant, I'm pretty proud of that! I had a blast with our Outstanding Teen, Kaela. Our only real job was to pass out free raffle tickets to win a $1000 gift certificate to Costco. This was a benefit for the Carousel Fund, which supports children who are ill. There were some great things being auctioned off and I wish I had brought some money (or had some to bring!).

We met tons of great people there. It felt so good to be involved with such a wonderful cause. I wish I could do this everyday! It made me realize how important platforms are to this organization and how I had the ability to pull something off like this! Maybe not as extravagant, but I could work on it! ;) This was the 25th annual gala, so they had a lot more experience than little ole me! One of the best parts was seeing the bands The Family Stone and Jefferson Starship perform! I was surprised at the amount of songs I actually knew!

I was so fortunate to be able to have this opportunity and I hope I see many more this year! It was very tiring, but oh so worth it. I wish I could do this every weekend! Here's hoping! ;)

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