Friday, November 30, 2012

Teaching Kids about Lyme Disease (post #1)

A little nervous teaching my first group!
Hi all! This past Monday I visited a school to teach a small group of kindergarteners about Lyme disease and the affects it can have on the body. This was just a small trial run but boy, I had to really think about what I was saying! Many children don't know what disease means or what a tick is so I had a lot of explaining to do.

I really love using the "Timothy Tickfinder and his dog Bullseye" characters and program because it really works with kids in elementary schools. It makes it easier to engage the younger kids because talking about bites and sicknesses can be a little heavy and kids may not really connect very easily. My proudest moment was when I asked, "what is one way we can avoid getting bitten by a tick?" and one of the little girls said, "bug spray!" It was too cute. 

We had a little quiz on what we learned and then we did a few activities that included kindergarteners' favorite thing to do! Coloring. After they were finished, we came back to the rug and everyone got a little certificate for graduating the class and joining the Tick Prevention Patrol. I also gave out bookmarks for them to show their parents that had more facts about Lyme disease. They seemed pretty excited about it and I can't wait to teach more children about this disease.

Showing the kids my giant microbe, Lymie
Here is one of the children's homework folders that his teacher sent me today. He kept his little bookmark right in his folder.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Bracelets!

Hello all! I added some new bracelet designs to my etsy page. These include removable lime green ribbon charms! :) They include a really pretty floral bead. Pink and green go great together but I decided to vary the design so if someone wasn't a huge fan of pink, they could still find a lovely bracelet! I think these would be a good gift for moms, grandmas, sisters, anyone! I can't even decide on a favorite because I love them all. I will also be selling the charm separately if someone wants to add it to an existing bracelet. Interested in buying??

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Miss Sonoma County Orientation

This past Sunday, I attended the Miss Sonoma County orientation for the upcoming pageant in March. It was tons of fun! On the way over, I got emotional when I thought of finally seeing the committee. As I've gotten older, I've become more and more of a crier. I got to the venue too early (as usual!) so I stayed in the car for a little while before going in. I always leave too early to go somewhere and then I'm usually there waiting. In the Residential Life community, we say: "Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable!" so I figured I was in the clear!
Me with Miss Sonoma County 2012, Jessica
It was a blast reconnecting with everyone, but I was surprised that I was the only returner to come to the meeting. I think a lot of girls that are interested actually couldn't make it but I think the girls that did attend got to see how the committee makes you feel like you're a part of a little family. I know Jessica and I can vouch for that! The two of us took pictures together and looked at pageant program books from decades ago. I had a great time. I cannot wait to meet all of the contestants and create our own, new little family!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Updates! And setbacks

Hi all! I feel like I haven't blogged in forever (probably because I haven't!). I have fun news to share. Not only have we designed some new Lyme disease bracelets, which I will show soon, but when I went to get my haircut by the wonderful Tammie at Sapphire Salon, she said I could sell my rhinestone bracelets in the shop for the holidays! I am going to make a bunch over Thanksgiving break next week so I can deliver them in time for December.

I went home and visited my parents this past Veteran's Day weekend and it was so nice and relaxing. (I would like to take this quick moment to thank our veterans and those who have risked their lives to keep us safe here at home. I am forever grateful.) I wish I could have stayed longer but this week has been going by pretty quickly. Maybe when I go home, I can actually share pictures of my great new haircut! In the not so good news, I've picked up a little bug from home and am officially sick. Most college students know that this time of the year is a terrible time to get sick! Right in time to hinder my studying, among other things. I am hoping my next week will be relaxing enough to knock this little bug out. Thanksgiving dinner should help, right? ;)

I am especially excited to announce that a Charming Charlie store has opened in my town! Thanks to Miss California 2012, Leah Cecil, I have become a Charming Charlie FAN and cannot wait to purchase some great accessories.

I can't wait to update you all on what's happening next!!