Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pageant Paperwork

It's paperwork time! To some, the actually paperwork to apply to compete is one of the most stressful things about pageantry. There are specific rules and guidelines that you have to follow to make it look perfect. Plus, that's the first thing the judges see! It's your first "first impression". How nerve-wracking is that?! Okay, maybe I'm making you feel more stressed than you were before. Sorry! Here are some tips I have on completing your paperwork:

  • Just let it flow and then edit. Even if you feel that it's not good enough, you have plenty of resources to help you perfect it.
  • Make sure you edit CAREFULLY. I was reading my paperwork from last pageant year and I found a ton of mistakes. How could I let that much slide?
  • Know everything on your paperwork. At my last pageant, I asked a judge to repeat herself and I was called out for not knowing what I had written. I'll never make that mistake again, to say the least. 
  • Even if your paperwork isn't perfect, you can always prove yourself in interview. Yes, this is their first impression but this document is only a little sliver of you. It's hard to fit something you're passionate about on one page! Just make sure you don't repeat yourself too much.
  • Make sure you're ready to talk about anything on your paperwork. How did you end up getting that award? Well, you'd better find out!
I've learned a lot by competing, meaning I've learned from my mistakes. It's really easy to feel overwhelmed but you have so many resources. Your #1 supporter and helper is your executive director! I'm sure they'd be happy to read over your paperwork for you. They want to help every young woman shine and become the best version of herself. That's why I love this organization!

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