Thursday, January 10, 2013

Volunteering at the Alameda Food Bank

Yesterday I went with my staff to volunteer at the Alameda Food Bank. This was my second time volunteering here, my first year being last January. I've also volunteered at the local Redwood Empire Food Bank through the school but our staff is too big to volunteer at that facility, so hopefully we'll have an opportunity later in the year to volunteer in smaller groups.

My job was to bag oranges. Normally this would be easy, but I was placed on the conveyer belt, which meant I had to bag the oranges as they came down the belt. I was at the very end and it was really tough because all of a sudden there would be a huge swarm of oranges that you wouldn't want to fall off the conveyer belt. It was a ton of fun!

The food that we were bagging is going to underprivileged children to take home for the weekend to help feed their families. It was such a great feeling to know we helped out so many people. Together, we bagged 9,055 pounds of food which comes out to 6,791 meals total. There was definitely a sense of pride when we left. It feels so good to do good!

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