Monday, March 11, 2013

An exciting week! :)

Hi everyone! Just wanted to give a little update on the festivities of the week... :0)

I returned a few hours ago from the Miss San Francisco pageant. Congratulations to the new Miss San Francisco 2013, Miss Golden Gate 2013, and Miss San Francisco's Outstanding Teen! :) You were all beautiful and did wonderful tonight!

Earlier today, Gabino, Noeli, and I decided to go shopping in the city for appearance outfits for our pageant closet. It was super fun! We ate lunch at Boudin's and we had a pretty successful shopping day. Although, Noeli was a lot luckier with her selection of dresses because each dress that was too short for me, usually fit her quite nicely. I guess I'll just have to keep looking.

I wanted to share some of the fun things I have planned this week (or at least I will have planned!):
-Tomorrow (Monday) I have my weekly rehearsal with Gabino! :)
-I have a test Wednesday...
-My new iPad is supposed to be here Wednesday!
-I'm getting a spray tan this week...
-I'm getting a new 'do on Friday..stay tuned :)
-Miss Gavilan Hills/Miss Northern California Regional is on Sunday!
-I'm taking my headshots on Sunday!!

Okay, so I wanted to elaborate on my iPad...It's an early birthday present to myself. I found recently when I was gone at pageants last weekend, that being a titleholder is tough! I had emails to respond to and blog posts to write but as you can see, it was almost impossible to do that when I wasn't near a computer the whole weekend. So, I decided it was high time I got an iPad. She already has a name and I can't wait to debut her to the world.

It hasn't even been a month, but this year is flying by! I can't believe I'm taking my OFFICIAL headshots for Miss California 2013 this weekend. Slow down, life! :)

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