Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just saying Hello :)

Hi everyone! Just wanted to check in with you all. I apologize for not posting any pictures of me with my new hair cut and color, but life has been a little hectic. :)

On Friday, I drove home from my home at Sonoma State to my real home for spring break. The first thing I did when I pulled into my driveway was pick up our town newspaper. Well, what do you know! There I was on the front cover. It was very surreal! I'm really not used to this much attention and it is very humbling. Hopefully I inspired some little girls to look into this organization. :) Then, my director Gabino was coming over for dinner before we went to get my hair done. I promised my "famous" (in my family haha) macaroni and cheese, breaded chicken, and broccoli. As you may know, I do not have a kitchen at school so it has been a little while since I have cooked. The cheese sauce was difficult for me since I was home alone...it was just about a disaster. Luckily, when my mom came home, she helped me out and it turned out to be perfect. The whole dinner was a hit! I was excited because Gabino is such a good cook, I wanted to impress him with my cooking skills.

Before and after! Excuse the no makeup :0)
Later, we went to Salon Vitor in Brentwood, which is the go-to salon for Miss Solano! Karyn did a beautiful job on my hair, cutting several inches off and giving me beautiful blonde highlights. It has been a little while since I've been blonde and I am not sure if I've EVER been this blonde, but I am in love! I was so excited to finally get a fresh new look for Miss California.

On Saturday, my mama and I went shopping for an outfit for my official headshots. I looked online earlier in the week and I could only find one top that suited what I was looking for! I had a vision. The first store we visited was White House Black Market to find this magical top. We couldn't find it on the store floor, so we asked a worker if she had it and showed a picture from the website. Luckily, it was in the back, still wrapped in plastic. My friend Liz was working there and we were excited to see each other since we hadn't seen each other since high school! She helped us out a lot and we ended up getting the top and the most perfect pair of white pants, which I am in love with. After that, we ran over to Charming Charlie to find the perfect earrings. The line they have out now is a little more springy than what I was expecting but we still found the perfect pair. I love how things work out sometimes. We also did some quick shopping at DSW to get some more shoes for Miss California. It was a successful shopping day! I also finished another Lyme disease awareness bracelet from my etsy shop.

On Sunday, my parents dropped me off at Sarah and Gabino's house to take my headshots. I was so excited! Plus, it was the first time Sarah got to see my new hair. She loved it :). Noeli and I took a bunch of headshots and also had a yummy yummy lunch made by Sarah. Then it was off to the Miss Gavilan Hills/Miss Northern California Regional pageant! Even though it was a two hour drive, time always flies when you're in good company! There were 24 girls competing so competition was exciting and even though so many girls competed, it actually went by very quickly. It was a very entertaining show. Congratulations to Miss Northern California Regional Jillian Smith and Miss Gavilan Hills Michelle Chang! :)
Thank you Dr. Sheffield!

Yesterday, I visited potential sponsors with my daddy. (Sorry if you think it's weird I call my parents "mama" and "daddy," as a child I decided I would never call them "mom" or "dad" because to me, calling them that is too harsh and impersonal...just another quirk I have, I guess hehe) We were pretty successful! I have at least two secured sponsors with a possibility of two more. Plus, I haven't even had a chance to go thank the Miss Solano sponsors yet! I love having so much support from the community. Then it was time for my weekly Monday meeting with my directors! :) We watched my Miss Solano interview, did a mock interview, I sang my talent song for Sarah since had not heard it yet, I retrieved some more addresses for my thank you cards (sorry they are late, it was the address dilemma!!), and I showed Sarah and Gabino my Giant Microbes I use for teaching children about Lyme disease. It was a great night!!

Today...I got my wisdom teeth out. I am actually surprised I'm more active on social media after surgery than I was before. I guess that mixed with spring break gives me more inspiration to post. :) I will try my hardest to make better blog posts this week...I have one special blog post that I will share ASAP, I just have to get everything together! :) So stay tuned!!

<3 Lots of love,
Miss Solano 2013

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