Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Week :)

Me and my new friend! Still a little swollen from getting my wisdom teeth out.
Hi all!
Me and Noeli with some 20/30 Club of Napa volunteers!

Painting faces
So sweet!
Last Saturday, March 30th, I participated in the annual Easter egg hunt put on my the 20/30 Club of Napa. It was a blast! I spent the morning painting faces. Luckily I'm an art minor! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of any of the faces I painted. I made pretty good flowers! :) I had a lot of different requests for designs. A lot of girls asked for butterflies. One little boy asked for an egg, a pig, and a bird. Another little boy asked for a skull and crossbones on his hand. The customer is always right! I tried my best to fulfill their requests but it was a challenge!

Watching them hunt for Easter eggs was too cute! A firetruck sounded its horn and all of the kids dashed into the field. Each section of the field was separated into age groups to make the hunt more fair. Kids are so cute! One little girl asked me how she could get a crown (some of our princesses were at the event!) and I pointed her to my director, Gabino, to get more information. Hey, I'm recruiting girls already! ;)

Me at Move Over Princess!
After the event, I had the opportunity to spend time with my lovely family for our annual Easter Saturday celebration. I had a wonderful time! It was nice to see all of my family, especially since I had not seen many of them since I was crowned. Lots of hugs all around! I am trying my best to prepare for Miss California because I want my family to be able to see me compete on stage...whether it be a preliminary or the finals night! We'll see. Hope I didn't just jinx it! :) I am so lucky to have such a supportive family. I am truly blessed to be where I am today!

One of the highlights of my week (besides all that I've just told you about!) was having the opportunity to have a private dress shopping experience at Move Over Princess in Castro Valley. This dress shop is owned and run by former Miss Solano Courtney Strykso, and her mother, Cristine Strysko. They graciously donated a dress to me for my Miss California wardrobe! I am so thankful. Their store is so cool! I would definitely check their stuff out! I purchased two dresses along with one donated dress. So close yet so far from completing my wardrobe! I know I've picked the most perfect gowns for competition. Thank you again to Courtney and Cristine! :)

Also, I've added a NEW section to the blog, called "In the Media" which are articles and videos about me! The videos will mostly be the videos from my appearances and such as Miss Solano. I encourage you to read and watch them! I hope to add plenty more. :)

Yesterday, I picked my lineup for competition! After watching 54 out of 61 girls choose before me, I finally got my spot! Lucky Delta #6! ;) My placement was a mixture of independent decision and God's will, as I believe everything happens for a reason :)

Today, we had a special workshop hosted by Miss Marin County Exectuive Director Michele Moser for my field director, Gwen Adkins's field. Michele was a perfect hostess! We had such a great time. The day started out with a yummy breakfast (luckily, because I didn't have time to eat!) and then we moved into mock interviews. We each had a 5 minute mock interview. I was a little nervous, but I think I did alright considering we just turned in our new paperwork. After that, we had a great lunch consisting of salads made by each committee. Gwen made a delicious cashew and pea salad that I really enjoyed, I'd have to say that was my favorite, although all of the salads were fantastic. When we finished lunch, we were fortunate enough to have a walking lesson from none other than Miss California 2008, Jackie Geist Frank. I love meeting former local and state titleholders because even though they've achieved so much, they are just like you and me, normal people! She was a huge help and I learned a lot from her. I can't wait to show off my new skills at Miss California! We also had the pleasure of having a skincare workshop by Caryn Hartsock Brady. Her skin is absolutely flawless and I am so happy to have learned her secrets! ;) I will definitely be following her rules for the next year and the rest of my life. I had such a great time and I am so lucky to have such a magnificent team on my side!

This weekend is orientation, then it's home stretch! Let's get working! ;)

<3 Miss Solano 2013, Angela

P.S.: if you can get away with it, NEVER get your wisdom teeth out!

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