Sunday, February 17, 2013

Miss Solano 2013!!

What did she just say?!

Me and my pageant BFF Hazel!!!
Me and Julianna, Miss Solano 2011 :)
WOW! What a whirlwind weekend! Say that 10 times fast ;). Saturday was the Miss Solano pageant at American Canyon High School in American Canyon. Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures from the day of (interview, before talent, etc.) yet. I wore the same interview dress and I got a lot of compliments on it. It's a Cache dress that I got last year on sale, and we've been best friends ever since! Anyway, on to more important things. This was the best interview I've ever done in my entire life. Question after question, the answers flowed out of me. At the end, I was a little worried about what I was going to say after my closing statement. I giggle when I think about it because I started on one topic, then continued on to the very last important fact that I almost forgot to mention! As I walked out of the interview room, I was ecstatic. After I arrived at American Canyon High School, I hung out with Hazel (my pageant BFF!) until we were able to go into the theater. My very sweet boyfriend helped us carry all of our stuff into the theater so we didn't have to take two trips. Then it was basically show time! I loved being with the contestants. I felt like I wasn't even competing because I applied lashes to three different contestants and helped style two contestants' hair! We were giggling and joking about how I should just do this as my job. I don't think there is ever a reason to be extremely nervous to the point where you could be seen as unfriendly! This organization is about having fun and making friends, so I always try to help out as many people as I can during the show. Plus, I'm usually ready really early.
Jaya and Madison's gifts :)

The show went by super fast...but I haven't told you about my FAVORITE part! I was a little too busy to blog about this during the week but I had the two CUTEST princesses, Jaya and Madison. The princess program is great because it encourages young girls (under the age of 12) to get involved with this wonderful organization! They told me their favorite color was blue (among a ton of other cute things) so I decided to buy initial letters and paint them blue. If you know me, you might know that I have an intense desire to monogram everything so initial letters seemed perfect to me. Not only were they the sweetest thing on the planet, their mom (they are sisters!) was EQUALLY as sweet and wonderful to me! I feel blessed to have shared this experience with such a wonderful family. :)
Me and my Executive Director, Gabino Lopez
Miss Solano Contestants!
So, interview went well. On stage question was pretty easy...Swimsuit was fun. Talent went pretty well besides the fact that I couldn't swallow before I started singing! I laugh about it now because my family noticed. I just couldn't swallow! Oh well :) Evening gown was next and it went well, too. I love watching the judges for their expressions. I know that once I am finished competing in this organization, I would love to be a judge and also an Executive Director...why stop the fun just because you're 24? :) Anyway, anyway. It was finally time for crowning. The first award I received was a tie for Miss Congeniality. I tied with Hazel which was really fun because not only do I love her, but we confessed to each other earlier that week that we had voted for each other. The (almost) most exciting award of the night to me, was when I tied with Carlie for top interview. I was honored. Then it was actually time for crowning. The first runner-up was awarded to Hazel! I was so excited for her!! Finally, it was time for Julianna to announce Miss Solano 2013. She said, "the new Miss Solano 2013 is...contestant number 4, Angela Laird!" I was shocked. I started bawling. Had I really made it this far? Was I really the new Miss Solano? I get to go compete at Miss California? Haha, I was flabbergasted! After 4 pageants and many years of looking up to titleholders, I finally broke the barrier and won my first title. It was one of the most exciting moments of my entire life. I just wish I didn't cry so much! A lot of the faces I made were sooo embarrassing :) but I know I'll make the most out of my year! :)
Me and my sister queen, Noeli! :)

We also had a wonderful and delicious brunch at Sarah and Gabino's house with my super amazing sister titleholder, Miss Napa County 2013 Noeli Cardenas! :) We went over all of the information for the year and now we are planning the next steps on my journey. I can't wait. :) I will be changing my URL on this blog most likely to fit my new title...'till next time. :)
Still in shock!

Miss Solano 2013,
Angela Laird

Thursday, February 7, 2013

iMovie :)

I wanted to share a video I created using iMovie. This one was really quick, took about 10 minutes! This was a part of rehearsal for Miss Sonoma County where we were learning the production number. I love using iMovie because it is so easy to use! I am just happy that I finally had something to make a movie with. I also learned that when filming on an iPhone, you should film all videos either vertical OR horizontal instead of one vertical, one horizontal. Because then it looks like this! Haha :) enjoy!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Miss San Joaquin County Pageant and IHOP National Pancake Day!

Me and my friend, Emily :)

A candid shot before leaving for the pageant
Hi all! Life never seems to slow down, does it? :) Between all of the tests, projects, and assignments, and preparing for competitions, I managed to take a break over the weekend to support my friend Ashley, who competed at Miss San Joaquin County. There was also an open pageant link with Miss San Joaquin County, which was Miss Central California Regional and Miss Greater Delta Valley. It was a wonderful show! Ashley did a wonderful job. I also saw a few contestants that I competed with at Miss Gavilan Hills/Miss Northern California Regional last year, including my friend Emily and the winner of Miss Greater Delta Valley, Millie Grgas. Miss Central California Regional went to Prisca Shiralian and Miss San Joaquin County went to MacKenzie Freed, who I met at Beezie Chapman's Pageant Camp in June. I was so excited for Beezie because 2 of the 3 titleholders were her clients!

Me and Beezie after the girls were crowned!
One of the cutest parts of the pageant was the adorable little dance that the princesses performed for us. The also came into the audience and gave us Mardi Gras beads. So cute! I also got to see and hang out with Julianna, the current Miss Yosemite Valley, and Jennifer, a contestant competing in Miss Solano with me, but we didn't get any pictures! I also did not get any pictures with my friend Ashley, but I got to tell her what a wonderful job she did the next day during Miss Sonoma County rehearsals.

Me enjoying my pancakes this year!
Fast forward a few days to yesterday, National Pancake Day! :) After going to a Marketing Club meeting with the current Miss Sonoma County, I went to the Rohnert Park IHOP to celebrate pancakes and donating to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals! I went with two of my dear friends and coworkers, Lauren and Daniela. The pancakes were wonderful and I was so sad to take my last bite! We even got to put our names on balloons, which is something I didn't do last year. This visit was less impromptu than last year so I was very thankful to do my part and have enough time to relax. I can't wait until next year!
Me donating last year!
 P.S.: 10 Days until Miss Solano and 24 Days until Miss Sonoma County!!