Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Send-off Party and the Pirate Festival...plus Miss CA countdown!

Hi everyone! :)

On Saturday, Noeli and I had our send-off party! A send-off party is a party where you celebrate the titleholders and wish them good luck before sending them off to Miss California. We had delicious food catered by Noeli's parents and yummy, yummy cupcakes made by Gabino. They were irresistible! ;) We showed the crowd of our loved ones each outfit from our competition wardrobe. I even had the opportunity to sing my talent piece! I'm happy that I won't be able to see my mom's face from the stage during Miss California. She is my number one supporter and I'm so grateful that's she's my mom. Every time I looked at her while singing, I started to cry! I am a sentimental person so I hope I can keep my emotions under control during this amazing ride to Miss California! 

On Sunday (happy Father's Day!) I went to the Northern California Pirate Festival in Vallejo. WOW! I had a blast! I helped judge the children's costume contest and posed for many pictures. So many people were elaborately dressed and they all stayed in character so well. This was an event for people of all ages! They had a big ship sail by and had a canon battle. They also had TONS of booths with food, costumes, and games. It was so well put together. I came in with high expectations of fun and they were well surpassed. I think you can tell how much fun I had through these pictures! I even got to hold a parrot like a real pirate! Argh! ;)

On Friday at 11 AM, I will be on my way to Fresno, CA for the experience of a lifetime. We just finished altering my entire wardrobe to fit me perfectly. I have my final mock interview tonight...it's surreal. I won't realize what is going on until I walk into the Radisson but I'm so excited it's finally my turn! Thank you everyone for the support! I will be trying my best to keep you updated daily...(: 

Here's my schedule:
Tuesday 6/25- swimsuit
Wednesday 6/26- on stage question
Thursday 6/27- evening gown
Friday 6/28- talent
Saturday 6/29- final show 

Also, look for me in the production number. I'll be wearing a fantastic printed jumpsuit that I fell in love with on Saturday. Thanks to Eva Varro for sponsoring our production number wardrobe!

Talk to you all soon! :)!! 
xx Angela

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Yountville Veteran's Home Flag Day Celebration

On Saturday, I joined 7 other titleholders for the Yountville Flag Day celebration at the Yountville Veteran's Home. It's located in Napa County on 500 acres! It's gorgeous over there and the veterans were super sweet! It was my first time signing autographs. It's still hard to believe that someone would want my autograph, but they did! After signing some autographs and talking with the veterans, we were called up to the stage to watch the presentation of the flags. Miss North Coast sang a beautiful rendition of the national anthem. My two favorite parts from the ceremony, besides learning about the history of the American flag, was signing "God Bless America" as a crowd, and the reading of an extremely powerful poem about the American flag. It was beautiful. 

After the ceremony, we took some pictures and I was able to help a woman take a picture for her son. I held the United States Air Force flag so she could send it to him, as he served in that branch of the military. We took our autograph cards and got into the line for lunch, talking to many veterans on the way. The veterans were so sweet to us! The lunch was fantastic. I had a cheeseburger, chili, pasta salad, and a slice of watermelon. I even had the opportunity to join some of the veterans for lunch after they invited me to sit with them. It was a great experience overall, and one of my favorite appearances yet!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

What's Miss Solano been up to? :)

Hi everyone! I am here to update you on what I've been doing! During the end of May, I did Lyme Disease Awareness presentations to two different grade levels. I taught a second grade class and a fifth grade class. I had a blast in each classroom, but had two completely different experiences. The fifth graders asked so many questions, even some that I couldn't really answer, but I tried my best. There are answers to questions even the experts don't know! That's why there is so much controversy.

Explaining Lyme disease to the 2nd graders.

Using my spirochete, Lymie! "Why do you have a snake?"

Working together as a class to solve the message

We did it!

Talking to the 5th grade class about Lyme disease and prevention.

Thumbs up if you think it's A!

Answering questions

Using my little spirochete again.
They asked me to sing! :)

I had so much fun. I could never be a teacher, but I love teaching kids about Lyme disease. I also talked about the Miss America Organization in hopes of inspiring one of those young girls into earning scholarships one day. Maybe they are a little young. :) I was a couple years older when I found my inspiration.

Over the weekend, I participated in Relay for Life in Brentwood, CA, in honor of Andrew Ortega, who passed away from childhood cancer at age 15. I was humbled to be a local celebrity, I'm just a normal person! I really enjoyed supporting and promoting Relay. Did you know that only 4% of American Cancer Society funds raised go to childhood cancer research? And childhood cancer isn't as rare as one would think!
Me and a familiar face, Alina.

Here I am at Andrew's booth. He loved playing guitar!
Me and two cutie pies selling cake pops!  Very yummy cake pops! ;)
Thank you to everyone who participated!
I have been preparing for Miss California. I leave two weeks from tomorrow and my interview is two weeks from Saturday. I have recently acquired a personal trainer named Nep, he is awesome! If you don't already, you should follow my fitness blog, called a fitblr, here. What I do is a reblog inspirational pictures or sayings, with the occasional personal instagram picture or post. My fitness journey definitely doesn't stop after Miss California! Although, my personal training sessions might. I have learned so much already!

I am going to try my best to update more often, especially during Miss California week. I have this blog not really for myself, but for the girls who were like me. The girls who wish they were going to compete, or they want to some day, and they want to know what a titleholder does. This blog is for all of those mini Miss America junkies like me at 15! :)