Thursday, January 30, 2014

17 days.

I cannot believe that in 17 short days, I will be passing on the crown box (I get to keep everything else) to a new Miss Solano. Whoever she is, I hope that she enjoys this year as much as I did.

I hope that she will try on her crown before she goes to sleep every night from February 16th until it finally feels real.

I hope she gets a rush when her name finally appears on the contestant drawing for her spot in lineup.

I hope that she has butterflies in her tummy all the way to the Fresno Radisson.

I hope that she loves the smell of the Radisson and soaks up how it feels to FINALLY be there.

I hope she overpacks to Miss California, but feels prepared. I hope she accepts any mistakes she makes at state, and accepts any fate God gives her, whether it be competing in swimsuit in the top 15, or eating pie backstage.

I hope she is proud of her performances, proud of herself, proud of her strength and determination to get through some of the best and hardest 10 days of her life.

Just like I did.

Every minute of this year was worth it. It wasn't easy at times, but I would not change it for the world. I accomplished a dream or two or ten in the past year and for that I will always be grateful. Although I am still learning who my real friends are through this process, I know I have a huge support system and am so blessed to be given the opportunity to serve as Miss Solano. I am so blessed to be well enough to serve as a Lyme disease awareness advocate. I have the ability to get up out of bed, to walk, to run, to jump, unlike many others who are suffering from Lyme disease and other debilitating illnesses. Thank you, God for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams and not letting me give up.

For 17 more days...
Angela Laird
Miss Solano 2013

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! :)

Hi everyone! Happy New Year!

It's been a little while since I posted, huh? Since my last blog post, I sang the national anthem at the Solano Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day...

It was very early...and pretty chilly! It was my first time singing the national anthem as a soloist so I was pretty nervous. The hour in between the time I arrived and the time I sang the national anthem was torture to my stomach. So many butterflies! I survived, and I enjoyed it a lot. And from what I was told, I sounded pretty good. ;)

In early December, we had the Miss Solano and Miss Napa County 2014 orientation. It was exciting to think that a year ago, I was in their shoes! I am so thankful for this year as Miss Solano. I don't want to pass on my title...but I'm so happy for Miss Solano 2014!

On Christmas Eve, I attended Mission Solano's annual toy drive. Mission Solano is a homeless shelter and rescue mission in Fairfield. They do such amazing work. Starting at 8 AM, families were allowed to come through and pick out toys for their children for Christmas. These gifts may be the only toys the children get all year. It was a really special event, and the children were so happy! They even had hot lunch and a bike raffle, where they raffled of at least 20 bikes to families that attended. I was so honored to be there.

Now that is 2014, I am putting some goals together for the year. Not so much resolutions, but I've had a lot to reflect upon this winter break and I want to start putting my dreams into reality. In less than three weeks, I will be competing in my first pageant of 2014, hoping to earn a spot in the Miss California Class of 2014. Keep me in your prayers, send good thoughts, and cross your fingers! :)

Until next time...
Miss Solano 2013