Friday, March 14, 2014

"Growing Up"

Yesterday I went to look at a potential apartment that I will be living in next semester. It will be my last semester, as I am graduating in December. I also turned in my graduation application this week! I was avoiding it until I absolutely HAD to turn it in. I have been a CSA (Community Services Advisor...think of a Resident Advisor/Assistant) for the past three years...meaning I have never lived off campus! My roommate and I found an apartment complex that has 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartments with short leases. Although I'm so excited, it is going to be EXPENSIVE! I am stressing over what job I will get next semester. I have never worked retail, or in a restaurant, or anything like that...I know it is only March, but I am stressing out!

And, Miss Gavilan Hills 2014 is this weekend. The last pageant of the season. I have so many emotions flowing through me. Excitement, anxiety, a lot of hope, a lot of nerves. I just pray that I do my best and accept the plan that God has made for me.

Have a great Friday everyone! It's Spring Break! Let's all try to relax!!!

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