Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Push Yourself to Stay Motivated

Good evening :)

It is a fine Tuesday evening, I must say...although, I have been lacking motivation in some areas and exploding with motivation in others. After eating myself into a sweets coma, I am embracing healthy, balanced eating with full force. I've also adopted a new exercise plan...which I haven't started. My plan was to start today, but now I am starting tomorrow...

There's a few reasons for the delay.
1. I'm tired. My body is still trying to refuel itself from spring break's unhealthy binge.
2. I'm still in spring break sleeping mode...enough said.
3. I don't have my heart rate monitor yet! Haha can't start without it?
4. I am a little shy and self-conscious when it comes to exercising. I can go into a weight room and be fine. But ask me to do something foreign, like jumping around in a public gym, and I'm nervous. That's why tomorrow I will be going early so not a lot of people will be there. 5:30 AM here I come! ;)

If you would like updates on my fitness journey, follow my tumblr: http://fitforacrown.tumblr.com
I will eventually be posting updates on how my body is changing. I'm excited to see where this journey takes me!


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