Friday, October 10, 2014

Miss Contra Costa County 2015 IS....

Angela Laird! Woo!

I did it! 
I am THRILLED to announce that I am Miss Contra Costa County 2015! I am the first titleholder in ten years and I can't believe I get to represent my home county for the entire year! Not only that, but I am competing at Miss California 2015 June! All of this, and it is only October. I grabbed the title and now I'm running with it! 

Before I competed on Saturday, I sat down with myself and figured out the real reason I wanted this title. What was my biggest reward? (besides the $950 scholarship I won!) Of course I wanted to compete at Miss California 2015, of course a shiny new crown and sash are nice...but ultimately, I wanted to represent my county. How exciting is it that I get to inspire young girls in my county to dream of becoming Miss Contra Costa County? I get to connect with small businesses, large businesses, the Rotarians, the Soroptimists, the educators, the civil servants, the wonderful people of Contra Costa County, over 1 million residents! I get to show them how wonderful our organization is and why they should love it to. I get to spend time building relationships with our residents for an entire year. I can't wait! I am 22 years old and I am graduating in December. I am wiser and more confident than my last time as a titleholder, and I hope to see that growth in the contestants of Miss Contra Costa County in years to come. 

One of the reasons why this specific organization is so important to me is because it has been gone for 10 years. Before Paula started the organization back up again, my mom and I spoke of starting it ourselves after I aged out of competition. If you know me, it is no secret that one day I hope to become an executive director of a local (or state!) Miss America pageant. Plus, I've had so many ideas over the last 8 months and I finally get to put them to good use! 

Along with the title of Miss Contra Costa County 2015, I was awarded Top Interview as well as Miss Congeniality. I am so humbled to be the recipient of such prestigious awards. My mother always taught me to be pretty on the outside, you have to be pretty on the inside. It is a motto I've taken to heart and am so proud to be voted Miss Congeniality by my peers, not only at Miss CCC but at Miss Solano 2013 as well! Being friendly and supportive to those around you is so important, especially when it is easier to shut people out and log onto our cell phones. I am looking forward to making friends wherever I go!

Congratulations to all of the contestants who competed this past weekend, you are all so beautiful, poised, and talented! Please come back and compete next year! A special congratulations to Hannah Rose, my Miss Contra Costa County's Outstanding Teen 2015! I am SO excited (& thrilled! & pumped! stoked!) to spend a year getting to know you and watching you grow! You are a phenomenal young woman and I can't wait to see what you will achieve this year! 

Photo Credit: Lily Dong Photography

Thank you to all of the volunteers who have helped me get to this point in life! I love you all!

Let's go Team Contra Costa County! :)