Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Make Your Dream Come True Day

Yesterday was "Make Your Dream Come True" Day. Have you ever had a dream SO big that it seemed impossible? I remember my freshman year of college when I presented my goals and dreams to my Freshman Leadership Group. I remember specifically saying, "I want to be Miss America," and I couldn't say it with a straight face. It would make me laugh. How could I ever become Miss America? It sounded crazy. In some moments after announcing my dream, I would get embarrassed. Were they thinking the same thing I was thinking? That this girl couldn't do it?

My views since then have changed...I have realized the amount of WORK it takes just to get a local title. I have learned how HARD it is to get to the state level. At my fourth local pageant, I was crowned Miss Solano 2013 and was granted the chance to compete at Miss California 2013. I'll admit, although I'd like to think I had some humility, I thought I could make top 12 easily. Why not? I'd done mock interviews and won interview at my local, I knew I could sing fairly well, I worked with a personal trainer, I read the news, I knew my platform...

When I got to Miss California 2013, I was in shock. I remember telling my mom, "mom, I'm not running with the big dogs." You are surrounded by such incredible women. While I realized my own faults, most of my faults were in my lack of preparation, lack of discipline. Of course, when I saw these women, I may have felt bad for a minute. I could have worked harder. But when you surround yourself with excellence, you rise to the top. It was a wake up call.

I used to want a body like Katie Stam, a voice like Shilah Phillips, an interview like Caressa Cameron, or just to be Betty Thompson. But what's wrong with just being Angela Laird? How can I be a role model in this organization, or to my younger cousins, if I didn't love being myself and truly love myself? And don't we have the power to mold ourselves into the best daughters, sisters, friends, people we can be? 

So, yesterday was Make Your Dream Come True Day. What are you doing today to achieve your dream tomorrow? 

Keep aiming high!
xoxo Angela

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