Thursday, June 6, 2013

What's Miss Solano been up to? :)

Hi everyone! I am here to update you on what I've been doing! During the end of May, I did Lyme Disease Awareness presentations to two different grade levels. I taught a second grade class and a fifth grade class. I had a blast in each classroom, but had two completely different experiences. The fifth graders asked so many questions, even some that I couldn't really answer, but I tried my best. There are answers to questions even the experts don't know! That's why there is so much controversy.

Explaining Lyme disease to the 2nd graders.

Using my spirochete, Lymie! "Why do you have a snake?"

Working together as a class to solve the message

We did it!

Talking to the 5th grade class about Lyme disease and prevention.

Thumbs up if you think it's A!

Answering questions

Using my little spirochete again.
They asked me to sing! :)

I had so much fun. I could never be a teacher, but I love teaching kids about Lyme disease. I also talked about the Miss America Organization in hopes of inspiring one of those young girls into earning scholarships one day. Maybe they are a little young. :) I was a couple years older when I found my inspiration.

Over the weekend, I participated in Relay for Life in Brentwood, CA, in honor of Andrew Ortega, who passed away from childhood cancer at age 15. I was humbled to be a local celebrity, I'm just a normal person! I really enjoyed supporting and promoting Relay. Did you know that only 4% of American Cancer Society funds raised go to childhood cancer research? And childhood cancer isn't as rare as one would think!
Me and a familiar face, Alina.

Here I am at Andrew's booth. He loved playing guitar!
Me and two cutie pies selling cake pops!  Very yummy cake pops! ;)
Thank you to everyone who participated!
I have been preparing for Miss California. I leave two weeks from tomorrow and my interview is two weeks from Saturday. I have recently acquired a personal trainer named Nep, he is awesome! If you don't already, you should follow my fitness blog, called a fitblr, here. What I do is a reblog inspirational pictures or sayings, with the occasional personal instagram picture or post. My fitness journey definitely doesn't stop after Miss California! Although, my personal training sessions might. I have learned so much already!

I am going to try my best to update more often, especially during Miss California week. I have this blog not really for myself, but for the girls who were like me. The girls who wish they were going to compete, or they want to some day, and they want to know what a titleholder does. This blog is for all of those mini Miss America junkies like me at 15! :)

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