Saturday, October 19, 2013

2nd Annual Polo for Lyme Benefit Event

Like my Maserati?

Hi everyone!!

Sunday, October 13th, I was a Guest of Honor at the Bay Area Lyme Foundation's 2nd Annual Polo for Lyme Benefit Event. The BALF worked closely with the Heart of Silicon Valley to put this amazing event on!
Thank you LymeLight Foundation!

I've known about the Bay Area Lyme Foundation for a little while now, as well as the LymeLight Foundation, an organization that was also present that day. The BALF puts on events such as Polo for Lyme and LymeAid. The LymeLight Foundation has a few events as well. Their regular events are Dart for Art and Ryde for Lyme.

I loved meeting everyone! They know the basketball coach at my school. :)

My directors and I arrived at the event right on time, 11 AM. We were directed to the volunteer booth where they had piles of bright green shirts with the "Bay Area Lyme Foundation" logo embroidered on the left chest. It turns out I wasn't a volunteer, but I made friends along the way anyway. I then registered (I even put my credit card info in to bid on raffle items!) and I got a VIP wristband. I took some pictures, greeted the volunteers, and had a couple interviews before our guests started coming it. It was all so exciting, I met so many wonderful people. I was given the privilege to judge the hat contest with Laure Woods (founder and president of BALF), violinist Carlos Reyes, and Jan Wahl, Emmy winning producer, entertainment reporter, and film critic. It was a really tough decision! But also really fun. I love hats!

Judging the hat contest!

Who will win??

Me and Norma

After judging the contest, I was pretty hungry. I had a delicious lunch with salad, fruit, chicken, and raviolis. The chocolate cake was pretty good, too! By this time, the polo match was starting. I was so excited to see that the teams playing were "The Ticks" and "The Cure". Who do you think won? ;)

Look! The Lyme Times in the VIP Lounge!

Thank you Cheval Polo for the great shirt!

I was also able to model two huge bottles of wine in the raffle. They were so heavy! I was thankful that I lift weights, or else I might have accidentally dropped them. In my free time, I kept going back to the LymeLight Foundation booth to look at the great Lyme items they had. The documentary Under Our Skin, Lyme disease books, LymeLight Foundation socks, wristbands, pens, tick removal kits, bug repellent. Lime green boas! They were so generous to me as I was leaving, and I left with my very own copy of "Under Our Skin" and a pair of LymeLight socks, among other souvenirs. Everyone at the benefit was so welcoming and so kind. My favorite part was telling the people I encountered that my platform was "Get Ticked Off at Lyme Disease!" because they were always so surprised. Although there were many fabulous guests of honor, not too many had first hand experience with Lyme disease.

Me with Laure Woods. Thank you for having me!

Me with Yvonne Wolters. Thank you for all of your help!

Thank you Yvonne Wolters and the whole Bay Area Lyme Foundation team for this great opportunity and experience! I had a blast and I hope to work with you again soon. :)

#polo4lyme :)

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