Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Miss CA 2013...better late than never ?

I FIRST first wanted to state that I started this in July, but never finished! Here is what I have...I cannot remember all of the details now :(

Hi all! I want to state first, I had a fantastic, wonderful, crazy, exciting, amazing, emotional, and overall enlightening experience at Miss California 2013. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to write this. It felt so right to be there...so normal. I had seen so many pictures from previous years from different titleholders. Pictures alone can never prepare you for this crazy week! It's a whirlwind. 

First, my parents dropped me off at my director's home, as Sarah and Gabino would be taking me, Miss Napa County, and Miss Lake County to Fresno...and dropping us off. I think that was the scariest thing I had to face that day. My ED(s), my crutches, would not be with me this week. When we finally arrived in Fresno, we moved quickly to unpack our car. I was not surprised to find out that I had packed the most out of the three of us. Ten days is a long time, so I had to be prepared...besides, it was my first time. :) I know nothing. After we moved in, we went to my FAVORITE restaurant, Mimi's Cafe. I had my favorite dish, pasta...I even took the leftovers back to the hotel, which didn't have a mini fridge. Just in case. 

I was really excited when my roommate, Miss Sacramento County, finally arrived! We hit it off really fast. Between talking about our personal trainers to discussing pageant webcasts, I knew we'd get along just fine. I knew I could trust her with anything I said and to tell me the truth if I asked if I looked okay haha. She was the perfect roommate!! I ran into one of the hostesses today, Mary Bette, who told me that breakfast would be served the next day in the hostesses' room at 7:30 or so...I can't remember now. I just remember being the only contestant that went! 

The next morning, we were up bright and early to go to the Mayor's reception. Everyone was dressed in business style dresses or outfits, either red, white, blue, or any combination of those colors. There's a lot of waiting involved...the main thing we wait for is the bus to be ready or other contestants to come down. But, you're in good company so it's not that bad. :) I'm not a huge picture taker, it is a trait I didn't pick up during the MySpace era. I tried to take as many pictures as I could and sometimes, it was the only thing to do. We had a short drive to our destination to meet the mayor. We took many group pictures that came out great, thanks to Dirk Wunderlich! He is a fantastic photographer and I'm so thankful that he volunteered his time and photographed us all week. And although the mayor could not make it this year, we were greeted by other council members who were very kind and gracious. We each came up to the front of the room and presented our gift, saying a few words about our community and what the gift was. We were then given a goodie bag, which included my favorite, dark chocolate covered almonds. They were gone by the end of the week haha. 

After the reception, we drove on over to the Habit Burger Grill, where I had a delicious chicken burger with avocado. Their grilled chicken is out of this world! I felt bad for the other guests there, as we filled up the entire restaurant and their outdoor seating area. Thank you, Habit Burger! We love you ;) 

When we returned to the Radisson, I prepared for my interview. I was Delta #6, so my interview was Saturday afternoon. I didn't really have anything to do, so I went down to the interview room when I thought we were supposed to. My preliminary group was a little different than the others. There were 61 contestants total, so my group had 16 contestants while the other groups had 15. Before the first interview, 5 girls go into the interview room at a time and introduce themselves. Then, all leave except for the first contestant. In our case, the first 6 got to go into the interview room and introduce ourselves. So, Vera and Chelle were happy to have me. The weirdest part about being last in the group, was to be the last contestant left in the room. After each interview ended, I watched another contestant leave the room I was in and go into the interview room. Then it was my turn. 

This interview was not my best. By far. I had never been in a state interview so maybe I didn't know what to expect. The questions were not what I expected. They almost weren't as hard as I thought they would be...and it threw me off. "Am I funny?" If only I could have showed them how I was with my fellow contestants each day. I learned a lot at Miss California. It was a good trial run. 

It's still Saturday. This day will be long for Deltas! It was then time to go to the Lester's mansion. You know, the one with the swing? It is GORGEOUS! They have this little private driveway that couldn't fit the bus, so three SUVs came and chauffeured a few contestants at a time until we were all at the party. There was music, karaoke, and great food cooked by the Kiwanis of Fresno. Yum! We even had ice cream. If there was one thing I regret, it would be not participating in karaoke. I have trouble with karaoke because I'm always scared of messing up. Especially since my talent is singing...there are so many great singers, it's easy to feel intimidated. Also, I wish I got a picture at the treehouse! Darn!:)

Sunday evening, we all got gussied up to go the Rotary dinner. This was after the Delta/Gamma rehearsal, which was if I recall, 3-4 hours long. The Alpha/Beta rehearsal was during interviews yesterday. The Rotary dinner isn't really a "dinner"...they have appetizers but there's a lot of them! It was still pretty filling. We had fun meeting Rotarians, hearing our beautiful Miss California 2012, Leah, perform on the harp, and hearing about the fun different Rotarians have had while supporting our organization. Then we got to dance. It was a blast! :)

Monday we had the opportunity to meet with the Fresno Rotary club at their lunch meeting. We even got girl scout cookies! Full boxes. This was our last event before preliminaries.

Here is Angela speaking on October 8th, 2013. The first night of preliminaries is crazy, every night is crazy. Tuesday you rehearse allllll day and then do the same thing that night. Same with Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...I swear, I felt like I was going to walk up the stairs to "I'm Every Woman" every single day, multiple times a day, for the rest of my life. I felt like it was my job. It was fun haha but we got a little delirious.

Note to future Miss CA contestants...don't pick the Friday talent slot! You have to wake up early Friday and you will be the most tired Saturday. The realization is that you are most tired the day after your talent. You will be a bear Saturday. Also, find someone strong to take your stuff from out of the dressing rooms, not your poor mom. That also adds fuel to the fire of being tired!

Miss California was SO MUCH FUN! Also, learn how to do your own hair and makeup before you go...I LOVE the hair and makeup artists downstairs, but it's always beneficial to have that skill. :)

if any potential contestants have any questions, please message me! :)

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