Monday, October 15, 2012

KRCB Auction (Appearance #2!)

Posing in the control room!
Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at the KRCB Television Auction by answering phones and taking bids. At first, I was really nervous to talk to someone on the phone! I didn't want to mess up. After taking my first set of bids, I realize I answer phones and take down information for my job all the time! I had nothing to worry about. 
Taking bids!
It was so much fun! It has been great to see so many donations and sponsors being so generous. I believe that if people knew a little more about the Miss America Organization, they would be more inclined to support and sponsor our titleholders. Speaking of promoting the Miss America Organization, I was even interviewed on television!
My few minutes of "fame"
That was probably the scariest part of the night. I just went with what I knew and what I was passionate about promoting. Of course, I could talk for hours about this organization so my interview seemed very short! My dad even got to see part of it while my parents were watching it online. I'm not originally from Sonoma County, so I was excited that my parents still got to watch me. 
Playing camerawoman!
I had a blast and I am so thankful for this opportunity. It was so nice meeting everyone and being in such great company! I will definitely try to be involved in a bid auction again.

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