Sunday, March 9, 2014

Long time no see :)

Hi all,

It's been a while! I have been crazy busy. Since my last post, I had a great time competing for Miss Tri-Valley and Miss Bay Counties, gave up my title as Miss Solano to a wonderful successor named Anysa, worked many, many hours on-call here at school, worked out kinks in my platform goals, took a few tests, went through struggles and times of sadness with my family, searched for apartments, applied for a new job for next year, had another great time competing in Miss North Valley Regional and Miss Central California Regional, made a ton of new friends, and placed 2nd runner-up! I am so happy with my placement, and I know my Grandpa Bud was watching over me and praying for me all night. I thank everyone for the love and support they have given me the last few weeks. It has been overwhelming. There aren't enough crown shaped thank you notes in the world for all of you :)

I have one last competition before the season is done! Isn't that unbelievable? Whatever the outcome, I know that I have tried my best. I find it a little ironic that the last pageant of the season is directed by Jenna Harvey-Woods, who was my first inspiration in starting a blog. Before I even competed, I found her blog and was so inspired and captivated by her blog posts, it made me even more excited to finally compete. This entire organization is filled with inspirational volunteers! I need a separate address book just to send my love to the volunteers. I'll go find one now and start collecting addresses... :)

Until next time,
"ordinary girl"

(how strange is it not to be a titleholder? after a year of it, I was in a little bit of a shock after crowning Anysa...but hopefully my time will come again! soon!)

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